We’re on Foursquare



Every Eddie Merlot’s restaurant has a check-in location on Foursquare. And we’re delighted to see the terrific tips that our patrons are posting on Foursquare, telling each other about their favorite dishes and recommending portions of the menu to each other. It’s terrific to have fans – and now we’d like to have you as a friend, too.

We’ve set up our own ID on Foursquare. Naturally it’s Eddie Merlot. We’d love to have you add us as a friend on Foursquare. If you do, we can interact with you more easily and perhaps answer questions you have.

If you need to look us up by e-mail, it’s rsekula@eddiemerlots.com – that’s the e-mail address for Robyn Sekula, a social media consultant working for the Asher Agency in Fort Wayne, the marketing and public relations firm that helps out Eddie from time to time. (Luckily for you, we only cook up great marketing ideas. Eddie won’t let us near the stove.)

We’re working on new Facebook pages, too.

So check in – and check us out!


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An upscale restaurant group with locations in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio.
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