Restaurant trends for 2011

This just in: frugality is getting old. Penny pinching is fine when it’s new and trendy and all your friends are doing it. And certainly, it’s prudent to save – few would argue with that. But life is made of moments, and memories, and food is a big part of that – and it seems that Americans are ready to get back to a little celebrating.

We caught a recent article in highlighting 11 trends for 2011. We won’t rehash the entire thing here, since really, if you are that interested, you’ve probably already read it. Technomic, a restaurant consulting firm, compiled the list. Some of the items are really interesting – such as a surge of interest in Korean food and also in mobile food trucks – and a few apply directly to Eddie Merlot’s. We want to hit a few of those highlights here.

One we loved seeing on the list is the retro cocktail movement. Of course, if you’ve dined with us, you know that our restaurants evoke a certain sort of glamour, and those retro cocktails can be part of that appeal. You’ll find our bartenders willing to blend up a little something special for you at any of our locations.

What we try to do is provide an excellent meal. At Eddie Merlot’s, we advocate eating a little bit that’s truly delicious over a buffet of mediocre food. Our portions are reasonable, but incredibly satisfying.

Our takeaway from this article is that we’re the right choice for a discerning consumer who wants to enjoy what they eat – maybe treat themselves a bit. You can indulge, a little, economically and calorie-wise. Make sure you enjoy what you eat. Life is too short to do anything else.


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