Our wine cellar: a thing of beauty

Wine Cellar Innovations made our beautiful wine cellar in our newest location in Louisville. It really is a gorgeous display that’s functional, and practical. It keeps the bottles where we can easily see them, and it is designed to keep the wine in top form.

It holds more than your average collection of wine. Our wine racks will hold a total of 1,836 bottles.

Want a closer look? Visit this terrific post on the Wine Cellar Innovations blog:



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An upscale restaurant group with locations in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio.
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2 Responses to Our wine cellar: a thing of beauty

  1. Kristi Davis says:

    I LOVED looking at those pictures. Looking good, guys! What are your customers saying?

  2. eddiemerlots says:

    Our customers love the way the restaurant looks, including the wine cellar. We’re really pleased with it – and thank you again for posting the photos.

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