So who is Eddie Merlot, anyway?

Bill Humphries

Editor’s note: This was one of our first posts on the blog when we began back in December. Since we were just getting started, not many got the chance to read this, so we’re re-posting it today. We get asked this a lot, so it’s worth repeating.

Is there really anyone named Eddie Merlot?

Well, not quite. But there’s a great story attached to the name of our restaurant, and we thought we’d share it with you.

Bill Humphries, founder of Eddie Merlot’s, is a well-known wine connoisseur. In fact, Bill’s talent for choosing appropriate dinner wine was one of his responsibilities as a board member for a worldwide corporation. At one such dinner, Ed, a new member, asked Bill to surprise him with a great wine. When the wine—a Merlot—was served, Ed was exceedingly impressed, and told Bill, “From now on, always order the merlot.” “And from now on,” Bill replied, “you’re Eddie Merlot.” To this day, that’s what Ed’s fellow board members call him. Eddie Merlot’s is an homage to the man and his love of a great steak, a great glass of wine and a good story. We welcome you to Eddie Merlot’s in the same spirit. We want you, our guest, to have nothing but the best—which is why we go to such lengths to serve you the exceptional prime aged steaks upon which our restaurant has built its reputation.

We explored the Harris Merlot that inspired the name in another blog post, which you can read here:

So you see, there is an Eddie Merlot. Sort of.


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