Eddie’s Potatoes are a popular side dish

Matthew Nolot

Recently, we posted a question on Facebook asking for our fans to pick their favorite side. By far, the dish with the most votes was our famous Eddie’s Potatoes. At Eddie Merlot’s, our side dishes are nearly a meal unto themselves. They’re hearty, well-seasoned and balance out the steaks and seafood nicely. They’re served family style and meant for sharing – although that can be tough if you really like them!

We asked Fort Wayne Executive Chef Matthew Nolot to walk us through how Eddie’s Potatoes are made. He notes that it’s usually one of the top three most popular dishes he prepares on a given night. Eddie’s potatoes are diced Idaho potatoes, cooked in cream, Matthew tells us. Parmesan and Gruyere cheeses are mixed in with the potatoes. Jalapenos and Tabasco sauce are added, along with salt and pepper, to give the dish a nice mix of flavors that helps round it out and distinguish it from any other sides on our menu.

Despite the presence of the jalapenos and Tabasco, Eddie’s Potatoes don’t have a lot of heat, he says. “The Jalapenos give it more of a fresh pepper flavor,” Matthew says. “We take out the seeds to take away some of that heat. The vinegar in the Tabasco sauce helps cut the richness of the cheese and the cream.”

Eddie’s potatoes are placed in a bowl, topped with another round of cheese and baked. “We aren’t afraid to season the food that we serve,” Matthew says. “A lot of people are afraid to do that, afraid people won’t like it, but that’s why we have a lot of choices of sides. We want to take really great food and give it some extra flavor.”

We’ll be sharing thoughts on other favorite side dishes here from time to time. Tell us in the comments what your favorite Eddie Merlot’s side dishes are – we’d love to know!


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