Our biggest fans

X-Rated Tartini and Pineapple-Jalapeno Martini

If you’re really lucky, some of your biggest fans can be the people who work with you every day. It really says something if they’re willing to spend some of their precious time off with you.

We are fortunate to have some top-notch employees, especially at our Fort Wayne headquarters. Jenny Boyd, the coordinator of our Platinum Card program, is one of those folks. She dined recently with us and shared a few photos of her meal. We wanted to share those with you in an effort to continually introduce you to food and drinks you may not have tried yet.

Jenny and a friend enjoyed a few different drinks and dishes with us. First up, a X-Rated Tartini and a Pineapple-Jalapeno Martini. Our X-Rated Tartini is a combination of Smirnoff Citrus, X-Rated Fusion Liqueur, grapefruit juice and fresh sweet and sour. The Pineapple-Jalapeno Martini includes Smirnoff Bodka, jalapeno and pineapple, and pineapple juice.

Tempura Shrimp Sushi Roll

Second, Jenny and her friend enjoyed a Tempura Shrimp Sushi Roll, artfully presented and easily enjoyed. If you didn’t know we offered sushi, try it next time you dine with us. We make it with the same care and precision we cook a steak.

Jenny and her friend finished her meal with desserts – how could they resist? Our Carrot Cake is legendary. Four layers of carrots, walnuts, pineapple, spices and cream cheese icing, with a touch of caramel. If you like carrot cake, you need to try ours.

Last, her friend enjoyed a Caramel Macchiato Torte: Caramel, espresso cake layered with dark chocolate mousse and peanut tuile.

We LOVE to get photos the food our customers are enjoying! Please share yours with us and we’ll be glad to post here, and on Facebook, too. Thanks for sharing, Jenny!

Carrot cake and Caramel Macchiato Torte


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