Brand new lounge menu perfect for informal dining

Roasted Olives and Hummus

Roasted Olives and Hummus

Beginning today, we’re introducing a new lounge menu that’s designed to give you a taste of our wonderful food at bargain prices.

Our lounge menu will be offered every day, but only in our lounge. If you’ve not had the opportunity to dine in our lounge, it’s more laid-back and casual than the rest of our restaurant. We keep the TVs on, especially during big sporting events, and we encourage our patrons to invite friends to watch with them.

Our new lounge menu will be highlighted in the coming weeks on this blog and our Facebook page. We’ll show you photos of each wonderful dish that’s included, and tell you about the drink specials we offer.

Grilled Barbeque Beef Sliders

Grilled Barbeque Beef Sliders

Lounge Food Features will be offered daily from 4:30 to 6:30  and 9 p.m. to close each day at all locations. Hours of beverage features vary by location, but generally speaking, we have drink features in the lounge every day, including $6 martinis, $5 cocktails, $5 wine by the glass and $3 beer.

Our lounge is a great spot to drop by after work hours and unwind with friends, and with our new menu prices, you can easily share several dishes.

Here’s a look at the lounge menu:


Flatbread with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil

Baked Goat Cheese in Marinara

Tomato Bruschetta


Roasted Olives and Hummus

Grilled Barbeque Beef Sliders

Wagyu Meatloaf Sliders


Flatbread – black and blue steak and caramelized onions

Barbeque Beef Wonton Nachos

Flatbread – chicken, mushroom and smoked gouda


Panko Encrusted Ahi Tuna

Eddie’s Famous Stuffed Meatballs

Flatbread – shrimp, pesto, grilled artichokes

Foie Gras Stuffed Wagyu burger

Foie Gras Stuffed Wagyu burger

Our Prime Time Burgers are still on the lounge menu, and served daily. We offer our Napa Valley, Peppadew Blue Cheese, Devil in Blue jeans, Johnnie Appleseed and Foie Gras Stuff Wagyu burgers, along with a Prime Burger with a large assortment of toppings to choose from. We’ll be talking more about that later this week.


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