Try the Brussels sprouts. Really.

Brussels sprouts, ready for the Eddie Merlot's treatment!

The side dishes at Eddie Merlot’s are some of the best-loved items on our menu. One that continually surprises our guests is our Brussels sprouts. Many people mark this off their list right from the start – and if we can’t talk them into it, they’re missing out!

Matthew Nolot, Executive Chef of our Fort Wayne location, says it’s among his favorites to fix. He starts with fresh Brussels sprouts, trims the ends and split them in half. The veggies are blanched in moderately salty water, drained and dried so that they’ll brown easily in a skillet with butter and cipollini onions. The dish is finished with parmesan cheese and

Matt notes that this is a rich, flavorful dish, and it goes well with steak, holding its own against the intensity of the meat. “They’re a wonderful side dish, and it’s one that I always recommend when I get the chance,” Matt says. “There are too many people, though, that won’t try these because they’ve not had good Brussels sprouts in the past. I love to see people try something they think they won’t like and really enjoy it. It’s a huge
compliment to the chef and the restaurant when we can convert them.”


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