Meet musician Bobby Falk

Bobby Falk Group

Bobby Falk Group

At all Eddie Merlot’s locations, music is a key feature. Our lounge hosts a musician, or perhaps a group, at least on the weekends. It adds a special ambiance to our lounge, creating a relaxed atmosphere that you simply can’t get any other way.

We’ll be introducing you to musicians who perform in the restaurants in blog posts in an occasional series. This post features The Bobby Falk Group, which performs Fridays and Saturdays in our lounge in the Louisville location. You can catch from 7 to 11 p.m. on Fridays and 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Saturdays.

Bobby’s group includes nine members, but not all play every night, Bobby notes, as not all are available all the time. The members of the band are:

Bobby Falk Group

Bobby Falk Group playing at Eddie Merlot's

Bass guitar: Jenna Mattingly and Stacey Nash

Keyboard: Wade Honey and Anthony Ransom

Guitar: John Arstingstall

Drums: Bobby Falk

Alto saxophone: Ryan Sanders

Saxophone: Luke Barker

Trumpet: Kris Eans and Kevin Sparks

Vocals: Anthony Ransom

We talked to Bobby about his music for this post.

Tell us how you got started playing music.

Bobby Falk: “I started playing drums in middle school, and continued while I attended the Youth Performing Arts School here in Louisville. I went to the University of Louisville on a jazz scholarship and earned a Bachelor of Arts in jazz performance.”

How would you describe your group’s music?

BF: “It’s jazz music, and it includes a horn, which can be a saxophone or trumpet. We also include a keyboard and bass guitar. Sometimes we have a vocalist join us. We play mostly pop and soul tunes, and we’re happy to take requests.”

What are the most requested songs?

BF: “We get a lot of requests for Dave Matthews Band songs, but also Beatles and sometimes Lionel Richie. It’s a really mixed bag of requests, and it just shows the diversity of the people who dine at Eddie Merlot’s.”

What do you like about performing at Eddie Merlot’s?

“It’s a nice spot. It’s at Fourth Street Live!, which is the mecca for downtown night life. The Seelbach Hilton is across the street, and they also feature jazz music, so people go there and hear Dick Sisto and then come across the street as well. It works out very nicely. Eddie Merlot’s lounge is very spacious and we get a really good sound there.”

If you’d like to hear The Bobby Falk Group play, we welcome you! We’ve got a great new lounge menu that you can enjoy while you’re listening. We don’t accept reservations for the lounge, but we welcome you to drop by and give him your ear. Call the Eddie Merlot’s location in Louisville if you’d like to make a reservation for the dining room. The Louisville restaurant can be reached at (502) 584-3266.

“I can’t thank the staff of Eddie Merlot’s enough for this wonderful opportunity,” Bobby says. “I’m really grateful to General Manager Michael Manoocheri for supporting our band and believing in us. I hope we’ll be playing at Eddie Merlot’s for a long, long time!”


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