Facebook recommendations welcome

Facebook has added a new feature within the past week or so. If you go to a Facebook places page, you can write a recommendation. You can find this gem on the right-hand side of the page.

To do this, the business you’re recommending has to also be a place on Facebook. For the uninitiated, that means you can “check into” the business from your cell phone telling your friends you’re there. Eddie Merlot’s is both a business and a place on Facebook, so we can allow our fans to write recommendations for us.

Like most of Facebook’s features, it’s fairly easy and intuitive to use. We’ve grabbed a few screen shots to walk you through it. First, look for the recommendation box on the right-hand side. It looks like this:

Facebook recommendation box

Facebook recommendation box

You mouse over the box with the gray writing that says “write a recommendation” and begin typing your recommendation in that box. Like this:

You can also select who can see your recommendation by pulling down on the button that says Everyone, where you will see two more choices: Friends Only or Customize. If you choose everyone, that will mean that everyone on Facebook can see it, including us. If you select that, we will be able to display your recommendation on our Facebook page and show it off as a badge of pride! If you’d rather keep your recommendation more private, choose another option from the pull-down menu.

Tell us what you love about Eddie Merlot’s – we’d love to know. Great customer feedback is one of the reasons for our success. Thanks for your input!


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An upscale restaurant group with locations in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio.
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