Group events are our specialty

One of the things people don’t always realize we do is group events. We can host parties of as many as 80, depending on our location. Rehearsal dinners for weddings as well as wedding ceremonies and receptions are our specialty. Our restaurants are well-spaced so that no one feels crowded, and the dishes on our menu are unusual enough that guests feel they’ve enjoyed something really special (and indeed they have).

For our guests, one of the best parts is that you can leave it all to us. We’ll decorate, greet your guests, and leave the bride, groom, parents and wedding party to just sit back, relax, and be feted in the style they should be. In fact, we’re finding that some brides and grooms like this idea so much they’re having their reception with us. We can’t blame them – it’s trouble-free, elegant, romantic, and delicious.

All five of our locations can accommodate groups – whether they’re business, personal or wedding.

This smart poster on Facebook is planning a wedding event at Eddie Merlot’s. It’s a great idea. Give our talented staff a call and let us show you how easy this can be. It might be more affordable than you think!

If you’re having a group event, call us:

  • Cincinnati, 10808 Montgomery Rd. at the I-275 interchange, 513-489-1212
  • Columbus, 1570 Polaris Parkway at the I-71 interchange, 614-433-7307
  • Fort Wayne, 14 and 24 at Jefferson Pointe, 260-459-2222
  • Indianapolis, 96th and Keystone, 317-846-8303
  • Louisville, 455 S. Fourth Street, Suite 102, 502-584-3266

And thanks for that great review on Facebook!


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An upscale restaurant group with locations in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio.
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