Meet Joseph Davey: Eddie Merlot’s new GM in Indy

Joseph Davey is one of those people who we regard as a jack of all trades. He knows the restaurant business well. He really and truly gets great customer service. He knows and loves great food and libations. He’s been our Corporate Beverage Manager for two years, working from Eddie Merlot’s Indianapolis location, also serving as our Assistant General Manager at the Indy location.

When it came time to choose a new general manager for Indianapolis, he was our first choice. One reason we love him: he goes the extra mile for customers.

Here’s an example. Joseph planted a small garden at the Indianapolis location, growing herbs, as we posted about previously. A couple dining with us in Indianapolis asked if we ever serve grilled vegetables. Of course, he said, and he set about to making it happen. He sent our hostess out to a local fresh market to grab some squash and eggplant, and went outside to pick some fresh herbs. Our chef and kitchen staff created a dish of grilled vegetables for the customers that they raved about.

“We try not let egos get in our way,” Joseph says. “If guests want to modify a dish, we’re thrilled to do it.”

Beyond food, Joseph’s job is to make sure everyone at the Indianapolis location does a great job. “The biggest part of what I do is provide my people with the tools they need to do their job,” Joseph says. “We need to meet and exceed guest expectations.”

Eddie Merlot’s customers are a discerning lot, he notes. But he loves that challenge. ‘They are generally a well-educated group of people,” Joseph says. “A lot of them are familiar with wine and willing to try new things. They are fun to be with and out to have a good time. We want to provide them with a truly memorable dining experience.”

Joseph’s a veteran of the restaurant industry. He worked his way through Ball State University in Muncie at a restaurant there, and joined a large national restaurant group after that. But after eight years, he decided he wanted to return to fine dining, so he joined our Indianapolis location.

We’re happy to have him. Say hi to Joseph next time you stop in to see us.


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