Summer Grill: Black and Blue Scallops

Black and Blue Scallops

Our Summer Grill menu is drawing in the crowds. It offers the best of what summer has to offer – great grilled food and some of our very favorite dishes. But you can only enjoy it for another 10 days, as it will end August 16. It’s worth the trip if you haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet. (Please note that our Fort Wayne location is offering another special called The Classics.)

One of those dishes that our guests are enjoying is our terrific Black and Blue Scallops. We talked to Cincinnati Eddie Merlot’s Chef Bryan Hopping about this great dish.

Our Black and Blue Scallops dish comes with eight ounces of large, fresh sea scallops. We lightly season them with blackening seasoning and sear them in a hot pan. We cook them for just long enough to make sure they’re done all the way through, but we monitor carefully to make sure they don’t lose their juicy quality. “They don’t take very long to reach the proper temperature,” Bryan tells us. “We use a hot pan to get a good crust on them and seal in the flavor inside. The inside of the scallop is still nice and creamy, with a spicy crust on it.”

The sea scallops are finished with a blue cheese sauce and gorgonzola cheese. The blue cheese and gorgonzola pair well with the spiciness of the blackening seasoning.

We serve the Black and Blue Scallops with potatoes and a vegetable, which varies depending on what we have that’s fresh and seasonal.

If you’re a fan of seafood, this is something to try. If you’d like to join us, you can make a reservation through Open Table, and now also through Facebook. Or you can simply call us:

  • Cincinnati, 10808 Montgomery Rd. at the I-275 interchange, 513-489-1212
  • Columbus, 1570 Polaris Parkway at the I-71 interchange, 614-433-7307
  • Fort Wayne, 14 and 24 at Jefferson Pointe, 260-459-2222
  • Indianapolis, 96th and Keystone, 317-846-8303
  • Louisville, 455 S. Fourth Street, Suite 102, 502-584-3266

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