Wine Spectator gives all Eddie Merlot’s its Award of Excellence

Wine Spectator is the leading authority on wine, and probably the best-known source for wine news and information. Their web site is well-curated and a must-visit for those who love wine. There are all kinds of articles on wine trends, information on pairing wine with food, and extensive reviews.

So when they say a restaurant has a superior wine selection, they know what they’re talking about. Eddie Merlot’s has earned Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence for the 10th straight year. It’s our most coveted designation, and one we’re proud to have earned every year since we opened in 2001.

Part of what makes us a terrific choice is the range of selection. We have unusually large wine storage racks that display all of the choices available. We even have a large selection of wine by the glass, which our diners find helpful if they want to try lots of different wines in a night. Our Reserve lists offer over 150 selections, assurance that you will find the perfect selection to complement your meal.

We believe in de-mystifying wine for our clients who do not know their way around wine as well as we do. Our Progressive Wine List is designed to make selecting wines easy for the casual wine drinker and connoisseurs alike. Unlike a traditional list, a well-crafted progressive wine list allows you, as our guest, to easily navigate your way through flavor types and features to find the most appropriate choice for you and your guests. It also allows our service team to help select the perfect wine for your occasion and full enjoyment. All of our wines on the list are logically listed according to a few simple rules, making it easy to locate specific wines and particular flavors for both you and your guests.

Here’s a look at the terminology on our progressive wine list:

Flavor Terminology on our Wine List

Sweet Wines: Sweet wines contain residual sugars, giving these wines a very perceptible sweet taste. It is possible for wines without these sugars to appear sweet, simply because of their intense fruitiness. These wines, considered less dry or off dry, are placed in the sweet category as well.

Dry Wines: Dry wines have little to no residual sugar. They are often higher in tannins, which impart an astringent, sometimes bitter flavor to wines.

Mild Intensity: These wines have very delicate flavors with no perceptible bitterness.

Medium Intensity: Slightly more robust than mild wines, these often have more distinct flavors.

Full Intensity: These strongly flavored wines are often complex and quite intense. Full intensity wines generally have much higher levels of tannins.


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