Farm to Fork: a great chicken dish

Fried chicken is a dish that’s closely associated with the farm. That fresh chicken deep fried, crispy and juicy, is a delicacy. As you well know, though, Eddie Merlot’s always takes traditional dishes a step up, and our fried chicken dish in our Farm to Fork menu is no exception.

The dish starts with two airline chicken breasts (that’s a boneless chicken breast with drummette still attached), says Travis Hall, our Executive Chef at the Louisville location. We soak the chicken breaks in ice and buttermilk in refrigeration for about two hours.

We cut a sliver of ham to about 1/8 inch thick, and cut a thin layer of mild cheese. The ham wraps around the cheese. We use ham from Finchville Farms, and cheese from Gethsemani Farms, which is made by a community of Trappist Monks in Kentucky. We cut a slit in the fattest part of the chicken, which is where the drummette connects, and work the ham and cheese into the slit.

We coat the chicken in a mixture of flour, onion powder and cracked black pepper, and cook it in a mixture of vegetable oil and clarified butter, first skin-side down, until brown, and flip it over to cook the other side, Travis tells us.

Here’s a great tip from Travis on how to tell if chicken is done: if you wiggle the drummette and clear juice comes out, the thickest part of the breast will be done, too.

When this comes to your table, it’s piping hot, and a delightfully fresh take on fried chicken.

Lots more to know about our Farm to Fork menu, which ends September 30. You can find full details here:

If you want to make a reservation, you can do so through Open Table, or through our web site, or through Facebook. Or just call us:

  • Cincinnati, 10808 Montgomery Rd. at the I-275 interchange, 513-489-1212
  • Columbus, 1570 Polaris Parkway at the I-71 interchange, 614-433-7307
  • Fort Wayne, 14 and 24 at Jefferson Pointe, 260-459-2222
  • Indianapolis, 96th and Keystone, 317-846-8303
  • Louisville, 455 S. Fourth Street, Suite 102, 502-584-3266

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