Desserts from Farm to Fork

A great dessert can be reason enough to go to a restaurant. Our Farm to Fork menu has some of our favorite desserts ever at the tip of our customers forks. We hope that you’ll get the chance to enjoy these with us.

Geoff Kelty, Executive Chef of Eddie Merlot’s Columbus restaurant, is largely the force behind these creations. Geoff knew from the moment we introduced the Farm to Fork concept he wanted to create a cobbler for the menu, and he did. His local berry cobbler is deceptively simple and incredibly delicious. Our chefs use either blackberries or raspberries, depending on what’s available locally. “I reached back into my own memory for things I enjoyed growing up,” Geoff tells us. “Going to grandma’s house, no one ever wanted to do something that would take all day. You used the best of what was available to make a simple dish that really impressed your family, something they would ask for again and again.”

Our Local Berry Cobbler is that dish. Geoff starts by mixing berries and sugar to create a syrupy, fruity mixture. The batter that goes on top is a batter that is a mix of biscuit dough and pancake batter. “There are only eight ingredients in the whole dish,” Geoff says.

The Local Berry Cobbler is topped with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, specifically the sweet corn blackberry flavor. It’s a perfect complement.

Apple spice cake

The other wonderful dessert on our Farm to Fork menu is Apple Spice Cake. It’s a lovely cake served with rich local brie cheese icing and Kentucky bourbon sauce, full of the spices you associate with apple pie. It’s moist and delicious, and much like the cobbler, a delightful reminder of Sundays at grandma’s – if your grandma was a gourmet cook.

Our Farm to Fork menu, alas, will be packed away when the last of the summer produce disappears – right around September 30. We hope you’ll join us to experience this soon.

One more item that we’d be remiss not to mention. Geoff’s got a special eye for desserts. His father, Robert Kelty, was a certified culinary educator who was a pastry chef at heart. While most 8-year-olds were playing with Legos, Geoff was rolling pastry dough and making truffles. Geoff was one of our first hires, and all of our restaurants benefit from his knowledge. Sadly, Geoff’s dad passed away recently, and we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge his influence on one of our best. Thank you for what you brought us, Robert.


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