Our anniversary dessert trio

anniversary cake trio

Anniversary cake trio

One of the best treats on our Anniversary Menu is the dessert trio. This is three different types of cakes on a single plate, designed for sharing. It’s a decadent dessert (and if you don’t want to share, that’s OK too – we won’t tell!). The trio is one piece each of our red velvet cake, our carrot cake and our double chocolate cake. Order with a cup of coffee or after-dinner glass of wine and take your time savoring the flavors of our house-made cakes.

Matthew Nolot, Executive Chef of our Fort Wayne location, walked us through how the three cakes are made, and what makes them some of our most sought-after desserts. All three cakes have four thin layers. Matthew says the cake layers are made in thin layering pans, and then frosted between each layer and stacked. It makes a large layer cake that feeds 24 people, and the rich icing makes it especially decadent.

Red Velvet Cake: This is a basic chocolate cake recipe with extra ingredients that take it up a notch. We add, of course, red food color, and sour cream for moisture and a better texture. Our red velvet cake is frosted with cream cheese icing, which is one of the simplest types of icing to make. It’s just cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar and vanilla. We drizzle each slice with raspberry sauce. “Raspberries and chocolate go well together,” Matthew tells us. There are a lot of urban myths about the origins of red velvet cake. If you’d like to read more about that, you can visit Leite’s Culinaria.

Carrot cake: Our carrot cake goes back to the beginning of Eddie Merlot’s. It’s one of our customers’ favorites. Ingredients include plump raisins that are soaked in water for added moisture, pineapple, walnuts and nearly six pounds of carrots in each large cake. Cinnamon and other spices give it a boost of rich flavor. Each layer is topped with cream cheese icing. Slices of cake are drizzled with caramel.

Double chocolate cake: Matthew’s recipe takes a typical chocolate cake recipe and adds a few extra ingredients that give it a better texture and boost the chocolate flavor. Beyond the typical cocoa powder, flour, sugar and eggs, our recipe adds buttermilk for moisture and a cup of espresso. “The cake doesn’t have a coffee flavor,” Matthew says. “It just helps bring out the flavor of the chocolate.” Each layer of cake is frosted with our rich chocolate buttercream icing and topped with chocolate chips.

Dessert is one of the best parts of a meal with us. Keep that in mind when you’re ordering, and save room. You’ll be glad you did.


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