Hosting group events at Eddie Merlot’s

Matt Stowell at our Fort Wayne location

Matt Stowell is a Vice President with First Trust Investments, and he’s among our biggest fans when it comes to group events. He has held seminars at our Fort Wayne location about 10 times. Recently, he took advantage of our holiday lunch hours to host both a lunch and dinner in the same day. He hosted 20 people for lunch and another 45 for dinner that evening. “This is the nicest restaurant in Fort Wayne,” Matt told us. “It has an incredible reputation. My clients and their spouses are always happy to come here for an event. The restaurant itself and your food is a strong draw.”

Eddie Merlot’s is built for group events. All of our locations have several areas tucked away and reserved for large groups. Matt held a gathering recently at our Fort Wayne location and showed a PowerPoint presentation on a screen with ease. We have wi-fi ready for laptops and projectors, and once you’re in the room, no one can hear what you’re presenting – and you can’t hear anything that’s going on in the rest of the restaurant.

Matt loves the ability to simply show up, set up his computer, greet clients and let Eddie Merlot’s handle the details of food and service. “We tell them exactly what we want, and they’re flexible and work with us,” Matt says. “They put everything together and it’s perfect.”

Matt’s such a big fan that he hosted a birthday party for his wife at our newest location in Burr Ridge, Illinois. “We were the first group event there,” Matt says.

Want to talk to us about hosting a group event? Contact one of the following sales directors:

Burr Ridge, Illinois: Traci Smith,, (630) 468-2098

Cincinnati, Ohio: Ashley Elder,, (513) 489-1212

Columbus, Ohio: Jesica Kantner,, (614) 433-7307

Fort Wayne, Indiana: Beth Noland,, (260) 459-2222

Indianapolis, Indiana: Naydia Mills,, (317) 846-8303

Louisville, Kentucky: Ashley Lynch,, (502) 584-3266


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An upscale restaurant group with locations in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio.
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