Best of Indy List: Our steak enhancements

Steak with black and bleu scallops

We were delighted to receive word that our steak enhancements are highlighted in Indianapolis Monthly‘s Best of Indy issue, which is out this month. The magazine lauded both the variety and the quality of enhancements we offer on our menu. If you’d like to read the article – lots of great foodie tips in it – it’s here, but it requires registration on the Indianapolis Monthly web site (free).

If you just want to see what they had to say about our steaks, we grabbed a screen shot of that:

best of indy

Lastly, here’s a review of all of our steak enhancements.

Here’s a look at some of our steak enhancements, with some explanation for each:

Bearnaise: This is the classic French sauce of clarified butter and emulsified egg yolks with a fresh tarragon and shallot reduction.

Hollandaise: Another classic French sauce, also using clarified butter and emulsified egg yolks, but this one is flavored with lemon juice. The tart lemon flavor is an excellent complement to the steak.

Truffle Butter: Rich, real butter flavored with fresh truffles. It melts into the steak, giving it the richest flavor you can imagine. Truly decadent.

Peppercorn: Meaty peppercorns and veal demi-glace add spice and rich flavor to our steaks.

Bacon Gorgonzola Cheese Crust: This is exactly as it sounds. We melt Gorgonzola cheese spiked with thick-cut bacon pieces onto the top of our steaks.

Oscar style

Oscar Style: If you simply can’t decide between crab cakes and steak, this is a great choice. Our steak is topped with fresh, tender asparagus, crab cakes and Hollandaise sauce. It’s nearly a meal unto itself.

Foie Gras Slices: This is the most decadent offering we have on our steak enhancements, and it’s one of the very best ways to enjoy our steaks. Seared foie gras slices top the steak and enhance its rich, meaty flavor.

Eddie’s Stuffed Shrimp: Our crab and gorgonzola stuffed shrimp are a menu favorite, and pairing them with steak makes a wonderful pairing.

Alaskan King Crab Legs: A different sort of surf n’ turf for our diners who love their seafood. It’s a great way to get the best of both worlds from our menu.

Black & Bleu Scallops: We recently highlighted the Black and Bleu Scallops. It’s a terrific pairing with steak, adding a very different flavor pairing.

Coldwater Lobster Tail: The simplicity of lobster speaks for itself. Pair this with one of our steaks to create a surf n’ turf meal.


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