One great dinner: photos from Burr Ridge

We recently joined the world of Twitter, and we love connecting with people there. We’re @eddiemerlots if you’d like to join in.

Recently, we were treated to a host of terrific photos from Tatiana, who enjoyed a lovely, leisurely meal with a birthday-celebrating friend at our Burr Ridge location. Tatiana is @GourmetRambler on Twitter, and you’d be remiss not to follow her adventures. She writes for TheBrideScoop, a web site for brides and grooms to be. You can find her writing here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you, Tatiana for the feedback. We love the photos and we’re happy you chose to celebrate this special occasion with us!


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One Response to One great dinner: photos from Burr Ridge

  1. GourmetRambler says:

    Thank you for a fantastic birthday dinner! We had a lovely, lovely time. Much love to our friend Chef Dan Tucker for getting us out of our comfort zone of the city limits. We loved the seafood, but meat was definitely the star!

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