Our own Oscar acceptance speech

Eddie Merlot's Meyer Lemon Chicken; photo by Josh of The Quest for Zest

Our cookbook was published in December, and we’ve found there are a lot of avid cooks who are enjoying it. As we watched The Oscars last Sunday night, it occurred to us we have quite a few people to thank for helping us get the word out about the cookbook. In no particular order, we’d like to thank those who have helped us tell the world about the cookbook. Like the actors, directors and producers clutching those golden statues, we hope we do not forget anyone, but if we do, please remind us in the comments.

Roasted beet and goat cheese salad; photo by Josh of The Quest for Zest

First, The Quest for Zest, a Fort Wayne-based travel, food and cooking blog, made a meal of our Meyer Lemon Chicken and Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese salad. What they liked about our cookbook was that they felt they learned new skills as they worked their way through the meal they prepared. They also enjoyed the fact that the recipes in it actually tasted like our food when they were finished. Yes, that’s exactly what we intended, and we’re so pleased that their meal was a hit!

You can find The Quest for Zest here. While you’re there, leave them a comment, sign up for a subscription, and say hi. You won’t be disappointed. They do a marvelous job of writing and photography and will take you places you might not get to on your own.

Second, Cooking with Caitlin is paging through our new cookbook and talking about it on their radio show. Cooking with Caitlin is based in Cincinnati. It’s a radio show, events, a Twitter feed – all kinds of things that promote great food. If you live in Cincinnati, you’re lucky, because you can attend all kinds of events put on by the Cooking with Caitlin group. Last weekend, they gushed about our cookbook on air. You can listen to the radio show online. Find Cooking with Caitlin here.

Meg Malone of MegaBites Louisville talked about the wonderful lunch she enjoyed at our Louisville location. We gave her a cookbook to give away, and she did so on her radio show one Thursday morning. Also, WAVE-3 had our own Thaddeus Mattingly and Anthony Lusiak on their morning show one Saturday to discuss the cookbook. Thaddeus is the General Manager of our Louisville location, and Anthony is the Executive Chef.

If you’ve seen our cookbook mentioned in local media, let us know. We think we’ve thanked everyone here – but did we miss someone? Let us know if we did.


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  1. Gary Allen says:

    Trying to make reservations on a firday for Lobster, but having a hard time finding the right area to make it.

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