Meet the Executive Chef of Warrenville

Paul Miranda is the Executive Chef at the Warrenville location of Eddie Merlot’s, bringing a world of experience to his restaurant. He’s one of our latest hires, and we’re delighted to have him on board. Although the restaurant just opened, he’s been with us for several months learning the ropes at other locations as the Warrenville restaurant was being built.

Paul has more than a decade of restaurant experience. He received a culinary education at The Academy in Orlando (now closed) and then completed an externship in Oxford, England, at a seafood restaurant. He returned to Florida and worked in Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion in Tampa and Cafe Ponte in Clearwater, Fla. He then spent time in Italy, working in restaurants there, and came back to the states again to work to embark on a successful career with Mitchell’s Fish Market working with locations in Tampa, Destin, Fla. and opening a restaurant in Stamford, Conn., and a location in Indianapolis, which is where he learned about Eddie Merlot’s.

Paul was attracted to joining us because he likes being part of an active organization that’s moving into new markets. “It’s a growing restaurant group,” Paul says. “There is a strong emphasis on great food and a great dining experience.”

Plus, Eddie Merlot’s gives lots of freedom to chefs, encouraging the development of new dishes, recipes and techniques, made with only the highest quality ingredients, which makes creating the dishes all the more rewarding.

Paul trained with Eddie Merlot’s in Columbus, Indianapolis and Burr Ridge, learning the ropes from some of our most experience chefs, kitchen staffs and management. He’s looking forward to putting his own stamp on our famous food, and admits in Chicago, that’s a daunting task.

“This is a huge restaurant town,” Paul says. “What distinguishes us is our emphasis on quality over quantity. We have a different appeal than a lot of steakhouses. Our restaurants have a very unusual look for a steakhouse. When you walk inside, it just opens out like a Cathedral, with the high ceilings. It’s not a dark, boys club steakhouse. You can be at ease here.”

Welcome, Paul! If you missed it, we wrote a piece about the Warrenville manager, Scott Updegraff, a few weeks ago. You can read that here.


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