A cup of tea, the Eddie Merlot’s way

Our tea service

We love great food. We choose superior ingredients, and we prepare them well, if we say so ourselves.

We’re also HUGE on presentation. We love for your food to look nearly artistic when we present it, almost too attractive to eat. (We said ALMOST.) Our after-dinner coffee and tea are no exceptions. We serve our coffee in a pot with all kinds of accompaniments, including chocolate chips. We’re also proud to show off our tea service, which received a makeover recently to showcase the many varieties we offer.

Our tea comes with a small dish of honey, another dish of fresh sliced lemon and a small pitcher of cream. We also provide other sweeteners if you prefer another. We provide a full pot of tea, as we do with our French-pressed coffee. We’re in no hurry to see you off. We like for guests to feel they can stay, linger and enjoy the wonderful conversation that often flows after a great meal.

For selecting tea, we bring you a beautiful box that showcases our nine tea varieties in loose-leaf form in small glass jars. You choose from the varieties what tea you would like, and we prepare it for you and bring it back to your table. What really brings out the WOW is that our tea box is softly back lit, making it easier to see, of course, but also bringing a little bit of extra zing. We proudly serve tea from Indianapolis-based Hubbard & Cravens.

The types of tea available are:

Our tea box

Our tea box

Earl Grey de la Creme

This is a fine black tea scented with pure oil of Bergamot combined with blue mallow blossoms and a hint of creamy vanilla.

Jasmine Pearls

This is a fine green tea that is made from hand-rolled young green tea leaves scented eight to 10 times with fresh jasmine blossoms. Smooth and elegant.

Egyptian Chamomile

This is a fine herbal tea that is naturally caffeine free. It is honey sweet with fruity flavors and a soothing floral aroma. Calms the mind and body.


This is a fine black tea made from whole leaf Assam with dark leaves and golden tips. It produces a bright copper, full-bodied tea.

Lili’s Blend

This is a fine black tea flavored with peach, mango, apple, orange and guava. We serve it hot, but it is wonderful iced.

Green Rooibos

This golden-orange infusion is deliciously aromatic and full of natural tropical fruit notes.

English Breakfast

This is a blend of Assam and Ceylon teas, which is a great cup for the start of the day. It has a full, malty flavor and rich dark color.

Green Citron

This is a Japanese Sencha green tea flavored with meyer lemon and garnished with fresh dried lemon peels.


This tea is made from pure Washington State peppermint, adding its distinctive flavor and heady aroma. It is relaxing and calming.


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