Indianapolis builds a garden with help from small hands

Our Indianapolis location is in its second year planting a small garden for growing herbs, tomatoes and other produce in planting beds. It provides a ready, fresh source of organic ingredients that Indianapolis Chef Tony Dee enjoys including in our meals for guests.

This year, our Indianapolis manager, Joseph Davey, invited a kindergarten class from Primrose School at WestClay to help us plant and learn about gardening. Joseph and Tony started the seeds for the plants in March, nurturing them into tiny plants ready for transporting.

To teach the children and accomplish the planting, our staff set up three stations. At one station, students colored signs to use as markers for the garden. At another station they planted seeds in to-go ramekins to take home and grow themselves and plant later. The third station was set up outside where students actually planted the vegetables and herbs. “At each station we tried to teach them something and have fun,” Joseph says. “We then made them lunch with the same type of items they had planted, such as green beans and lettuce. They will come back in a few months to help us harvest.”

We’ve posted a gallery of photos from the school below. We’re looking forward to seeing the students again.

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