Five things you may not know about how we host groups

group table

The table is set

You know Eddie Merlot’s. Right? You know we have incredible food, that we provide a superior experience, and that we pride ourselves on a wine list with many options and tastes.

But you may not know that we are accustomed to hosting large and small groups, and that you have a lot of options for your event if you host it with us.

We’re outlining a few surprising things about our ability to host groups here on our blog. If what you want to know isn’t covered, let us know in the comments. All seven of our locations – Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Columbus (Ohio), Cincinnati, Louisville and our two Chicago area locations (Burr Ridge and Warrenville/Naperville) – are accustomed to handling groups. This includes rehearsal dinners, weddings, baby showers, board meetings, client dinners, presentations for prospective clients, networking groups and non-profit fundraisers. If you can think of it, we’ve probably done it.

Here’s a few surprising things that we’ll do to accommodate our guests.

Each place can be set with its own menu

Each place can be set with its own menu

1. We will open up during the day, when we’re not ordinarily open, for a group. Some of our regular customers are financial planners (read Matt Stowell’s story here) who want to give a market overview for current and prospective clients. We provide them with a private setting for their presentation. We keep an eye on guests and provide seamless service that your guests will love, but won’t interfere with your work.

2. We rent out the whole restaurant. It’s easiest for us to accommodate those who want to do so during the day. If you want to host a wedding at Eddie Merlot’s, we highly recommend doing so during the day on a Saturday. It’s an unusual setting, spacious, beautiful and is a lovely place for you to entertain your friends and family.


We can provide an elegant buffet to give guests choices

3. We have lots of options for private dining. Our Warrenville location has an eight-person boardroom setting that would be an excellent, comfortable setting for a private meeting of a board of directors, entertaining clients, small presentations, business meetings or even a birthday party. We also have large spaces for private dining, including some rooms that seat up to 80 people, depending on the location. We can accommodate a much larger crowd than you’d think, and the rooms are separated from our main dining areas by glass walls that allow in plenty of light and have the look and feel of the rest of our space. They’re not the dark, dingy party rooms of restaurants past.

4. We work with our clients to provide a set menu that works with their budget. We are accustomed to clients giving us a set budget, and working within that. We consult with our chefs and culinary teams to ensure you’re getting the best quality possible for your dining dollar. Tell us how much you have to spend, and we’ll keep that in mind as we plan with you.

5. We can handle the details. If you have a specific theme in mind, specific decor you want, or colors you’d like to use, we are fully prepared to work that into our plans. Your job is to show up, greet your friends, family and clients, and enjoy yourself. It’s our job to impress them and keep everyone happy.

What do you want to know about Eddie Merlot’s? How can we help you make your next event unforgettable?


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