Cooking tips with Chef Tony Dee

Corporate Chef Tony Dee has been making the rounds at all of our locations, holding events  to fundraise for Veggie U and connect with our clients and customers. He’s been doing cooking demonstrations for us, and along the way, has passed along some great cooking tips that we think home cooks will love. Here’s a list of some of those we tweeted out during a Louisville presentation. If you are on Twitter, you can follow us @eddiemerlots.

Tony’s tips:

  • If you’re cooking pasta at home, don’t rinse it with cold water. That takes away much of the starch, which is helpful in thickening sauce.
  • Bucatini pasta is long and thin like spaghetti, but has a hollow center to give it a truly round shape. He recommends using it instead of spaghetti.
  • When you’re cooking zucchini, remove the seeds to keep it from being bitter or getting mushy.
  • Using an egg yolk in salad dressing can help thicken it. Not everyone is comfortable eating raw eggs, though. Skip the raw egg if you don’t want to run the health risk.
  • Beets are best when roasted. Leave them whole, put them in a pan and put water in the pan that goes halfway up the beets. Cook in an oven at about 350 degrees for 90 minutes. Peel, slice into small cubes and add to salad.
  • When making gazpacho, let it sit overnight or for at least five hours so the flavors blend.
  • Non-iodized salt is best for cooking, as it absorbs faster. Tony often uses sea salt.
  • White pepper can be used instead of black for a less intense pepper flavor.
  • Fennel fronds can be used as a garnish. The fronds have lots of flavor but are more bitter than the bulb of fennel.

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2 Responses to Cooking tips with Chef Tony Dee

  1. VeggieU says:

    So thankful for all you folks are doing to help Veggie U! The funds you raise will go directly to place Classroom Garden Kits in schools surrounding the local Eddie Merlot’s locations. Our curriculum will teach the children the importance of wise nutrition choices as well providing an introduction to the importance of sustainable agriculture.

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