A terrific review for our Warrenville location

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There are a variety of sites these days that let you post review of your favorite spots. One that seems to be a favorite is Yelp. We spotted this review recently for our Warrenville location and thought we’d share it with you. What a terrific review! We’re blushing!

Eddie Merlot’s is new to the Warrenville area and by far the BEST addition to the neighborhood.

My husband and I came upon this place looking for somewhere to have a late dinner for my birthday.  We made a reservation through OpenTable at 9:45 p.m. for 10 p.m.  We did not realize this when we made the reservation, but the restaurant closes at 10 p.m.  We honestly expected to be given an attitude or to be treated rudely because we were coming in so late.  This is what we normally experience when we arrive anywhere that is due to close soon.  Neither of those things happened.

We arrived around 9:50 p.m. and were seated immediately.

When we walked in and we were greeted by Manny who was very polite.  Manny showed us to our table and then pulled out the table so we may get into the booth with ease.  Once seated, we were given menus.

Immediately, the Manager Jason welcomed us.

Immediately after that, we were greeted by our server, Jim, who was polite and asked if we would like to order wine.  I said yes.  I told Jim the taste I wanted and he suggested two tastings.  The first wine he gave me was spot on to what I wanted.  Jim then explained the evening’s specials.  We ordered tortilla soup and a caesar salad to start.  Jim told us he would give us a moment to finish looking over the menu and that he would return, as he was going to put in our order for the soup and salad and he would have bread brought to our table.  No sooner did he leave, Rick (food runner) came and filled our water glasses.

In reviewing the menu I must have had a puzzled look on my face because Jim appeared at our table and said, “Question?” And truth be told, I did.  Jim was helpful and gave me the answers I needed to make my dinner choice.   Rick once again came to our table and brought the soup, salad and bread.  Jim then took our order and menus and left the table.  He then returned with a butter warmer, as I ordered the lobster special.

The soup and salad were very good and the bread was amazing. For beverages, I ordered a red wine, Sean Minor, “Four Bears”, Napa Valley Carneros, California, 2009.  My husband ordered the Peach Lemonade from the bar.  It was very good and mixed perfectly.

Within a minute or two of finishing our soup and salad, Jim appeared at our table and cleared our plates from in front of us.  We got into a conversation and within moments, Joy (another server) came and took the plates from Jim so he could finish the conversation we were all having.  What is impressive about this is that Joy was manicuring her tables (cleaning glasses and silverware) and stopped doing that to help Jim.  Working together as a team is again something you rarely see.  Most of the time each server is out for themselves and it shows.  Next time you are out for dinner sit back and watch. You will be amazed at what you notice.

Once our food arrived, I was served first and then my husband.  The plate presentation was amazing on both dishes.  I ordered the evenings special: lobster Oscar style.  It was a 6 oz. lobster tail stuffed with jumbo lump crabmeat, Béarnaise sauce topped with steamed asparagus.  From the first bite the lobster melted in your mouth.  It was steamed perfectly and the taste was flavorful.

My husband ordered the Trio of Medallions; Oscar, Peppercorn and Bacon Gorgonzola (per Jim’s suggestion).  Ranking by flavor: Bacon Gorgonzola, Oscar then Peppercorn.  The meat was cooked to a perfect medium: warm and pink and it simply melted in your mouth.

Jim came to the table within moments of our first bite to make sure everything was to our likening.

After we finished our dinner, Jim immediately cleared our plates.  As Jim walked away, the manager of the evening, Jason came to our table to see how we were enjoying our evening.

Jason was friendly and polite.  He explained the history of Eddie Merlot’s and then we talked food and drinks among other things.

To our surprise they gave us a complimentary dessert for my birthday.  Jim prepared Bananas Foster tableside.  Jim and Jason then left our table and told us to enjoy our dessert.

After we paid our check, we took a peek around the restaurant.  The bar is beautiful and stocked with everything!  Jason was at the bar with the bartender when we came around the corner.  He showed us the private party rooms.  We stopped at the bar where Jason had us taste the Bourbon infused Bing Cherries.  What a treat!

Five Stars from Start to Finish

Great food, Great Service and Great management.  All quality things a restaurant must have but hardly found under one roof.

When you go into this place, ask for Jim to be your server and tell him Tinamarie and Jay sent you.  Jim is one of the best servers we have come across in a very, very long time.  He is knowledgeable, witty and an absolute pleasure.  Jim takes pride in his job and it shows.

This restaurant is amazing and so are the people in it!


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