The end of the world (or not)

As you might have read, the Mayans predicted the end of the world for December 21, 2012. That’s today, of course. It’s turned into a nice little excuse for an evening out and an extra glass of wine – and of course we’re always in favor of that!

All this talk of how to spend the final night of civilization us in the frame of mind to chat with our chefs about what they would want to eat if indeed the world was ending. Certainly, you wouldn’t be calorie-counting, and money would be no object. We took all constraints off the question: any food, anywhere. We got some interesting responses. Here’s what our chefs had to say.

Executive Chef Geoff Kelty from our Columbus location imagines this meal: “A full rack of BBQ Ribs smothered in Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce, a giant bowl of Mac & Cheese, my grandmother’s cornbread, and sauted bacon with green beans!”

Note: our famous Mac n Cheese recipe can be found in our cookbook, and you can also find the recipe on a previous blog post here:

Executive Chef Tony Dee had a lengthy and memorable list of dishes he’d like to see on that last table:

Salmon Rillette from Bouchon in Napa Valley
Turnip Soup from Per Se in New York City
Scallops from Jean-Georges in New York City

Pork Belly Steamed Bun (Photo by Marcus Nilsson on Epicurious)

Pork Belly Steamed Bun (Photo by Marcus Nilsson on Epicurious)

Pork Belly Steam Buns from Momofuku in NYC
Roasted Chicken from my Grandmother
PopCorn Pot de Crème from Greenhouse Tavern in Cleveland
Carpaccio Rolls from Fahrenheit in Cleveland
Shrimp Taridito from Michy’s in Miami
Gotham Philly from Gotham Steak in South Beach
Miso Green Beans from Girl & The Goat in Chicago
Chocolate Chip Cookies from my fiance at home
Smoked Bacon Bourbon Manhattan from SRA Martinez in Miami

Tony noted that the company you’d share this with is just as important as the food itself. A great point!

Pappy Van Winkle

Pappy Van Winkle

He also said he would want his grandmother’s roasted chicken, and noted how perfect it always was. That led Chef Matt Nolot of Fort Wayne to say he’s never had a perfectly roasted chicken, and would love to have it.  “I have always been disappointed whenever I buy roast chicken at a restaurant or make one at home,” Matt says. “It is never quite perfect, whether it be the seasonings, the crispiness of the skin, the moisture level of the breast versus the thigh or the quality of the bird to begin with. If somebody could cook me the perfect roast chicken, throw in a soft white truffle polenta, I could look up to the heavens with a drumstick in one hand, a glass of Pappy Van Winkle in the other and embrace our destiny.”

Whatever you do, we hope you enjoy your Friday. We’ll still take your reservations for December 22, and beyond, just in case the Mayans are wrong.


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