Join us for a barbecue under the stars

purple cauliflower

Heirloom products take center stage at the Culinary Vegetable Institute.

As we’ve written before, we’re big fans of the Culinary Vegetable Institute and its affiliates, Veggie U and The Chef’s Garden. We’re such big fans that we’re sending ALL TEN of our executive chefs up to CVI in Milan, Ohio, next weekend to prepare a meal like no other: an earth-to-table event called Beyond Barbecue Under the Stars.

Buy tickets here.

Once you read the menu below, you’ll be convinced it’s worth your time, and the drive. It’s going to be fun, delicious and will be set in a beautiful environment. Tickets won’t be available online past Wednesday, so act fast!

Eddie Merlot’s Veggie U BBQ Menu

Partial Menu

Vegetable Plates

Cucumber, Hibiscus, Miso, Pomegranate, Micro Wasabi

“Peas & Carrots” Chilled English Pea Soup, Sourdough, Rainbow Sorrel, Dragon Carrot

Baby Beets, Mizuna Greens, Micro Daikon, Frisse,

Goat Cheese Stuff Squash Blossoms, Toy Box Heirloom Tomato, Summer Squash Relish, Smoked Butter

Romanesco Cauliflower & Gruyere Grogeres

Sweet Corn Panna Cotta, Coconut, Lemon-Lime Basil, Popcorn Shoots

Whole Smoked Heirloom Pork

Root Beer BBQ, Watermelon Kim Chi, Herb Salt, Olive Oil

Grilled Bell & Evans Chicken

White Stone Grits, Popcorn Vinaigrette, Miso Peach Mustard, Micro Collards

Roasted Salmon

Radish, Purslane, Lemon Oil, Grapefruit, Fennel


Wild Berry & Mr. Frye’s Rhubarb Pie in a Jar 

Lemon Verbena, Whipped Ricotta, Honey


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