About Eddie Merlot’s

Quality, exceptional service and an unparalleled atmosphere have made Eddie Merlot’s one of America’s great steak houses. But who is Eddie Merlot? Bill Humphries, founder of Eddie Merlot’s, is a well-known wine connoisseur. In fact, Bill’s talent for choosing appropriate dinner wine was one of his responsibilities as a board member for a worldwide corporation. At one such dinner, Ed, a new member, asked Bill to surprise him with a great wine. When the wine—a Merlot—was served, Ed was exceedingly impressed, and told Bill, “From now on, always order the Merlot.” “And from now on,” Bill replied, “you’re Eddie Merlot.” To this day, that’s what Ed’s fellow board members call him. Eddie Merlot’s is an homage to the man and his love of a great steak, a great glass of wine and a good story. We welcome you to Eddie Merlot’s in the same spirit. We want you, our guest, to have nothing but the best—which is why we go to such lengths to serve you the exceptional prime aged steaks upon which our restaurant has built its reputation.

We start with U.S.D.A. Prime beef. Only 2% of all U.S. beef is awarded this superior certification. We age it naturally for a minimum of 21 days, to an unparalleled standard of tenderness and flavor. The chef then personally selects each piece for the optimum proportion of marbling and texture, before hand-cutting and seasoning the thick, tender and juicy steaks to your specifications. Then, to seal in the flavor, we flash-sear your steak on our special high-heat grills. And, while you enjoy your meal, you’ll be treated to the one-of-a-kind service we call the “WOW Factor.” It’s all part of making your dining experience truly unique and truly special. And it’s only from Eddie Merlot’s.


10 Responses to About Eddie Merlot’s

  1. Please add me to your mailing list re: proposed Burr Ridge, IL location.
    I eagerly await your opening.
    Jerry Connolly
    188 Foxborough Place
    Burr Ridge, IL

  2. mindy says:

    is the image qu_vineyard2_high.jpg able to be used for design purposes? royalty free?
    please let me know as i really could use it!!

  3. P. Kruse says:

    My condo building in Burr Ridge is eagerly awaiting your opening.
    When will that be??

    P. Kruse
    132 Carriage Way
    Burr Ridge, Il.

  4. Paul Brian says:

    Happy to see some action in the neighborhood–and that it appears that EM will be a more upscale offering than we currently have. Nice menu from what I can see on the sites. Sign me up and you might want to do a little posting on the Yelp foodie sites–also LTHForum, if you’re unfamiliar with the local food social sites. Paul Brian, 450 Village Center Dr. 317, BR, 60527 paulbrian@aol.com

    • editor says:

      Hello Paul, we’ve spotted your posts in the Yelp forum. We REALLY appreciate your thoughts on our menu and all of our plans for the space. We’re very excited to be coming to Burr Ridge! We hope to have the restaurant open by mid-November. We will definitely check out the LTHForum and will keep our eye on the Yelp thread as well for more feedback. We’re always happy to have questions from our current and future customers, so feel free to ask away!

  5. Gary Dorsay says:

    Very good food. Good addition to Burr Ridge restaurants. I enjoyed my meal.
    The restaurant seems to be too noisy for my ears.

  6. Celene says:

    You have chosen a beautiful restaurant and location for your new place in Lincolnshire!!!!! Cannot wait! Better yet, would be a great place to work!

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